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Helping To Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

How You Help Us Restore Hope And Fight Human Trafficking

Ten Percent of Our Proceeds For Smile Makeovers Is Used To Impact The Lives of Survivors of Human Trafficking.
Choosing Inspire Smiles Means Helping Make The World a Better Place!

our Mission


San Diego is the 8th largest city in the United States for human trafficing. We partner with local organizations in the effort to end human trafficking and provide hope for those affected in our community.

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We offer comprehensive dental care and smile makeovers to program participants as a pro-bono contribution of the practice. We provide all the care needed to restore a beautiful smile and optimal oral health.

our goal


We want each person who receives care from us to leave Inspire Smiles feeling worthy, loved and empowered to fufill their divine purpose. Our goal is to restore confidence and hope in their hearts.

The Alabaster Jar Project provides housing and resources for women who have survived human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The Alabaster Jar Project began as a ministry of The Church at Rancho Bernardo and incorporated as a standalone nonprofit in 2013, receiving tax exempt status in July of 2014. It is now comprised of Grace House, a long-term residential program; a Resource Center, a drop-in center that provides clothing, toiletries, programming, and Peer Support Group.

Our Contribution:

Dr. Gaball has contributed to the organization by giving these women “smiles that match their hearts” by restoring aesthetics and functionality to their smiles.

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“We are a child-advocacy ministry pairing compassionate people with children living in extreme poverty to release the children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. The etymology of the word compassion stems from the Latin com meaning “with, together” and the Latin pati “to suffer.” Compassion literally means to suffer with. We take a long-term approach to child development by investing in and for the life of each child. Through our holistic child development model, we blend physical, social, economic, and spiritual care together to help children in poverty fully mature in every facet of life and transcend what is often a generational legacy of poverty. We deliver whole-life care, by way of our frontline church partners, that is personal, individualized, relational, and tailored to the child’s age, gender, health, culture, and family situation.”

Our Contribution:

Dr. Gaball has contributed to the organization by financially adopting children in need – thus supporting their lives.

“Centro Shalom, as a church, exists to glorify God by sharing the good news of the gospel to those who are ignored and marginalized. We strive to embody God’s grace and love while pointing people to the true peace and plentitude that only God can give. At Centro Shalom, we have a very special calling to children and teens, while understanding that a strong church is made of strong families. We know that God has put us strategically in neighborhoods with enormous economic needs, yet with a more profound spiritual need. We embrace this calling as an honor and a privilege. We prepare our hearts to diligently study the word of God, to practice the word of God, and to teach the word of God (Ezra 7:10) so that God can cause an immediate and permanent impact on lives that will radiate in our communities through changed individuals and families.” –Pastor Salvador Chava Suazo

Our Contribution:

Dr. Gaball has contributed to the organization by traveling to Tijuana and bringing meals, school supplies, and Christmas gifts to those in need. Dr. Gaball has also participated in educating the women of Tijuana in oral healthcare.

Stacy is an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor of products and services that are good for health and the earth. Sharing her education and knowledge around the world, Stacy has developed over thirty years of teaching and has adopted a more balanced approach to self-acceptance and moderation. Her philosophy is to give back and make a difference in the world.

Our Contribution:

Dr. Gaball has participated in the Day of Namaste: a yearly retreat where she helps restore aesthetics to the smiles of women in need within the health and wellness industry.

Klove radio’s mission is to create compelling media that inspires and encourages its audience to have a meaningful relationship with Christ.

Our Contribution:

Dr. Gaball has contributed to the organization by financially supporting the station.

Choosing Inspire Smiles Means Helping Fight To End Human Trafficking

By choosing Inspire Smiles, you are invited to participate in making a difference in fighting human trafficking in our community. Ten percent of proceeds for elective and aesthetic services is used to give complete smile makeovers to survivors of human trafficking in the San Diego community.
Coming to our dental practice means you are helping create a DIRECT impact in your community and receiving the highest level of dental care AVAILABLE in Solana Beach.


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