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5/19/2021 – What your Mouth Is Trying to Tell You

2/8/2021 – COVID-19 patients with gum disease 9 times more likely to die, study says
Did you know that having active periodontal disease significantly weakens your immune system? In fact people with periodontal disease have an increased risk of death from COVID-19! It’s 9 times higher! Immune system is our body’s only mechanism for self defense! Take a stand for your health and the health of others and reserve your preventative appointment. The ideal interval for preventative care appointments is every 10-12weeks. That is how long it takes for the bacteria below the gum line to enter the bloodstream and to start causing systemic inflammation. We have the only technology on the market, AirFlow Master that is scientifically proven to remove biofilm, which is the bacterial matrix that causes disease. We use it for all periodontal disease treatments, periodontal maintenance and preventative care appointments.

12/10/2020 – San Diego County Public Health Services Order

12/3/2020 – Regional Stay At Home Order

For updated state guidelines, please visit

Please read this important article regarding bad oral hygiene and COVID-19

Please review this article on the latest FDA guidelines on amalgam fillings

Information on the new SD county health order dated 11/13/2020. Please see the article below reinforcing need for health and dental visits.

Our valued patients! In an effort to keep you informed of all the health and safety protocols we have implemented at the practice, we would like to share all of the most current guidelines and resources used to assure our highest standards of compliance.

Health and Safety Protocols

Your health is of utmost importance. That is why we have implemented a variety of new protocols to help keep you safe. These include such changes as: spaced-out appointments, touch-free administrative processes, pre-visit patient screening, no waiting room use, air management changes, and new equipment, among others.

What to expect for your next appointment

We are very excited to see you back at our practice! We are very prepared and want to provide you with the most comfortable and safe experience. We invite you to participate in keeping everyone safe and enjoy your visit.

Please observe the following for your next visit:

  1. Call us and update us with any changes of your mobile phone number or email: these are the best ways for us to stay in communication. (858) 876-9100
  2. Confirm your appointment via the link sent out to your mobile number.
  3. Preview the “What to expect video” in the appointment conformation text link outlining what to expect at the practice.
  4. Fill out the COVID-19 screening form and treatment consent form on our website at
  5. Use the restroom, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer and wear a mask prior to leaving for your appointment.
  6. Please stay in your car upon arrival and send us an arrival alert text via the link used to confirm your appointment.
  7. Once you receive a communication from us via the same link please meet us at the bench outside the practice.
  8. One of our team members will personally greet you outside, do a basic screening check and take your vital signs.
  9. Please note, from a health care stand point and infection control protocols gloved hands are considered “dirty”. Please remove any gloves you may be wearing, wash your hands at our practice, use a hand sanitizer and we are happy to provide you with a pair of clean gloves to use at the practice if you prefer.
  10. If you don’t  have a mask or forget to wear one, we are happy to provide you a surgical level mask.
  11. Our team members will personally escort you into your treatment area.
  12. Please keep your mask on at all times other than during receiving care.
  13. Prior to your treatment we will ask you to rinse with a pre operative rinse that is specifically designed to kill bacteria and viruses.
  14. We have all of our consent forms digitized and will ask you to sign any necessary forms on our practice iPad.
  15. Dr. Gaball, Chelsea Veal RDHAP and all other clinical team members necessary for the completion of treatment will be wearing N95 masks with additional surgical masks over them, head and shoe covers, disposable gowns, gloves, and face shields.
  16. We will make all of the necessary future  appointments in the back treatment area to minimize interpersonal interactions.
  17. Upon completion of treatment we will personally escort you to the front area where you can make a payment via either a touch less Point of Sale method or a text to pay sent directly to your phone.
  18. Any other necessary information can be scheduled and addressed via a Teledentistry appointment with Dr. Elona Gaball or Chelsea Veal, RDHAP – dental hygienist.
  19. All financial or insurance questions that may need further clarification will  be scheduled for a FaceTime call with our financial coordinator, Tricia Lanette.
  20. It will be fun, we promise! Check out our Instagram or Facebook for patient testimonials and photos. We look forward to seeing you and serving you!

Additional health information

Please see below and contact our practice with any questions or concerns. We greatly value you, take your health seriously and consider it a great privilege to serve you. With deep gratitude, Dr. Elona Gaball and team.

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