We have always maintained the highest standards of cleanliness, organization and infection control. In the current era, here are some of the additional processes and procedures we have instituted:

1. All protocols are in accordance with CDC, SD County Health Department and State of CA government mandates.
2. All protocols were created in partnership with experts responsible for assuring compliance within the dental department of the worlds largest healthcare organization.
3. All team members were professionally trained in safety and health guidelines and the training was created and supervised by our medical director, Curtis Gaball, MD.
4. We are paperless, all forms are digitized and available on our website or emailed directly to our patients to complete prior to entering the practice.
5. All health screening is initiated via our online screening process with the forms available on our website. Completion of the screening is verified via a personal phone call or a text.
6. Touchless forms of payment are instituted by a text-to-pay link that can be easily sent to patents’ mobile phones or a new point of sale terminal that does not require anyone other than the cardholder touching it. This device is sanitized after each use.
7. Only healthy patients, who have successfully completed the online screening enter the practice.
8. Upon arrival all patients are asked to wait in the car, text us when they arrive and are personally greeted outside the practice for a health check.
9. Health check includes: temperature taken with the infrared touch less thermometer, blood pressure, pulse and pulse oximeter reading.
10. All team members wear surgical level masks at all times.
11. All patients are asked to wear masks at the practice and only remove them while having treatment performed.
12. We ask all patients to wash their hands upon arrival, use alcohol based hand sanitizer and offer surgical masks and gloves to all patients who would like to use them.
13. All processes are optimized to ensure minimal interpersonal interactions with only essential clinical team members in close proximity necessary to complete treatment.
14. Social distancing is observed at all times during all non clinical interactions.
15. Non essential team members are working off site and virtual consultations are scheduled to review any non clinical information.
16. Dr. Elona Gaball and Chelsea Veal, RDHAP (hygienist) provide teledentistry virtual support and Telehealth appointments are available by completing a teledentistry appointment request form on our website.
17. All appointments are spaced out to allow for additional time necessary for health screening and extra cleaning of the practice in between appointments and for air exchanges.
18. Only patients from the same household are seen at the same time. All other appointments are staggered to minimize or eliminate patients being present in the practice at the same time.
19. The waiting room is temporarily closed.
20. All patients are greeted outside by team members, personally escorted to their treatment rooms and escorted out prior to any other patients entering the practice.
21. High speed evacuation is used with all aerosolizing procedures.
22. All patients are asked to disinfect the oral cavity prior to treatment with the OraCare mouth rinse: the only oral rinse on the market that is clinically proven to be effective agains viruses.
23. All clinical team members wear PPE ( personal protective equipment). N95 masks are fitted to all clinical team members and are worn with additional surgical masks over them during all aerosolizing procedures. Head covers and disposable gowns, face shields and gloves are worn and discarded after each use.
24. All team members go through health screening and their vital signs are recorded each day upon arrival for work.
25. Our high flow air handling system is one of the most advanced worldwide. With Ultra-fine Particulate Filtration, Activated Carbon Filtration, Germicidal UV-C+ Bulbs, a Hydroxyl Radical Reactivity Chamber, and a Revitalizing Negative ion Chamber. It is designed to keep the air fresh and as clean as a surgical operating room.
26. The bathroom is cleaned after each use.
27. Both entrance doors remain open at all times to allow for air exchange and to minimize touching. All touched surfaces are wiped down with disinfecting wipes.
28. All treatment rooms are cleaned by hospital grade disinfectants and the whole practice is cleaned every day with additional measures to assure proper disinfection.
29. All guidelines are closely monitored and updated as needed. Weekly team training is conducted to assure compliance.
30. Dr. Elona Gaball and Dr. Curtis Gaball personally review all protocols each week, hold team members accountable for staying in compliance and all team members are calibrated on the weekly basis.

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