A Better Hygiene Experience and Result at Inspire Smiles

This video is about how you can have a more pleasant hygiene appointment that results in cleaner teeth, even further under the gum line than usual, shinier teeth, and less need to touch your teeth and gums with instruments all in a shorter period of time! Take a look at the latest and most advance technology in oral wellness which affects your overall wellness. Very few dental offices have invested in this technology, but you can experience it and enjoy the results at Inspire Smiles in Solana Beach!

Dental Implants

This is how Inspire Smiles achieves excellent implant results, a great multidisciplinary team of experienced specialists, and a great digital workflow.

Smile Design Synergy

This video is about some of the aspects involved in creating restored teeth that have all the characteristics of real natural teeth. There is more to it that you think! This level of quality is only possible by using the right professionals who share a close working relationship. Creating restorations that are indistinguishable from natural teeth is possible and Dr. Elona Gaball and her team do it every day. It is a very involved, yet predicable process, similar to creating a fine piece of jewelry.

Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Little Changes in your smile can be significantly impactful.

Your appointment - what to expect

While Inspire Smiles has been open since May 1st providing great safe care, you may not yet have experienced our new flow in the “new (hopefully temporary) normal.” This video shows you what yo expect.

We are here to safely care for you

This video is to communicate to you that you can feel comfortable knowing that we have created a very safe space in which you can receive care having implemented a variety of processes and procedures on top of our already great protocols! When you’re ready for us, know that we are here and ready for you to provide great care in a very safe environment.

Achieve straight teeth faster and at less cost

This video is about how you can achieve straight teeth faster and at less cost the Invisalign (which is also a great option that we provide). The bonus is this option also allows you to whiten your teeth too!

Its the perfect time to improve your smile now!

This video is about why now is the perfect time to consider achieving the appearance you desire for your smile.

Get great care from home or anywhere!

This video is about teledentistry Inspire with Smiles SD in Solana Beach, CA. Tele-dentistry with Dr Elona Gaball or Chelsea is a great way to get receive care if you cannot or prefer not to come in to the dental office. Go to, complete the teledentistry form and we will take if from there!

An Attractive Mouth Secret (V Smile)

Dr Elona Gaball shares an attractive mouth secret – V Smile. This product is available at Inspire Smiles SD, in Solana Beach, CA.

Staying Healthy With the OralCare Product

Dr Elona Gaball has identified and made available to you a professional grade mouth rinse with is the only one shown to kill viruses….and its fun to use!


Dr Elona Gaball talks about how self home care with probiotics is an effective way for everyone to improve their mouth’s, and even body’s, health.

Air Flosser Q & A

This video is about Chelsea RDH talks about the Air Flosser at Inspire Smiles in Solana Beach CA.

A Better Way to Brush

This video covers an alternative, and better way to brush your teeth by Inspire Smile’s RDH, Chelsea.

Gum Stimulation

Gum Stimulation is a great way to maintain healthy Gums! Watch and see!

All About X Floss

This video from Inspire Smiles SD in Solana Beach, CA is about X Floss, a great floss product for anyone with implants, bridges or other special cases.

Basic Oral Care With Inspire Smiles

In this video, Dr. Gaball, Dr. Curtis, and Chelsea discuss basic dental hygienic care to ensure that the immune system and oral needs are met. They go in lengths about the properly brushing your teeth, rinsing, and recommending high-quality products throughout the video.

Is Oral Health Connected to COVID-19?

Hello! My name is Chelsea and I am a licensed RDHAP in Southern California. I have been working in the dental field since 2002 and currently am a part of Dr. Elona Gaball, DDS team at Inspire Smiles. In response to all of the national, state and local public health mandates; as well as the recommendations by the American Dental Association (ADA) and California Dental Association (CDA) we have taken all measures necessary to ensure the practice is acting in the best interest of our patients and community.

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