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Teeth Whitening in Solana Beach, California

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Sometimes, teeth discoloration speaks to a serious oral health issue. Other times, it’s simply the result of superficial staining, such as if you drink coffee regularly.

Either way, people associate white teeth with a beautiful smile. If you’re dissatisfied with the color of your teeth, this treatment can help brighten them.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

There are many factors that can lead to this discoloration, including:

  • Dark Beverages (e.g., coffee, tea, soda)

  • Tobacco

  • Genetics

  • Medical Issues

  • Age

If you express interest in teeth whitening, our first step is determining what is causing the discoloration. We want to address any medical or oral health issues first.

Once that’s resolved, we’ll sit down with you to determine how many shades lighter you can expect your teeth to get. Once you’ve made the decision to go forward, we’ll be happy to provide this cosmetic treatment .

Who’s a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

There are two major forms of teeth whitening:

Office Whitening What are Other Applications for Dental Implants? 

Dental implants can be used as single tooth replacements or as an anchor for more extensive restorations. Implants are often used to hold permanent dentures or dental bridges in place. 

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Whitening Kits

While whitening kits aren’t as strong as office treatments, they can be a convenient way to whiten your teeth over a longer span of time. We’ll provide you with a kit that’s designed to address any discoloration concerns you have.

Looking for Teeth Whitening in Solana Beach, California?

You’ve come to the right place! At Inspire Smiles, we’re committed to helping patients get a smile they love to look at. We’re proud to be the elite dental practice of Solana Beach, California.

Have any questions about what we can do for you? Would you like to make a virtual consultation request? Please don’t hesitate to connect with us.

Before and After Teeth Whitening

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